Vegånia Street Food Festival

Vegånia is a vegan street food festival in the heart of Turku, held for the third time in August 2019 in the Old Great Square (Vanha Suurtori). There is free entrance: the event welcomes everyone to enjoy delicious vegan food. The festival promotes tasty, high-quality food that is also ethically and sustainably produced. Vegånia is a festival for vegans and at the same time a food festival for all Turku citizens and visitors. The Old Great Square is located in heart of Turku in historical milieu nearby Turku Cathedral with easy access no matter if coming from nearby or travelling from outside of the city.

Vegånia promotes high-quality vegan food not only on the food market but also in local restaurants. Vegånia Restaurant Weeks invite restaurants in the area to create a special theme menu/dish to be served during the Restaurant Weeks. In 2019 Restaurant Weeks take place 22th July - 4th August.

Restaurants of Vegånia Food Market 2019

The first Vegånia event was held at the Old Great Square in Turku in August 2017. Over 10 000 people arrived to enjoy good food served by different restaurants.